Year 2 term 2

Super Sculptures

Last Friday, Year 2 were tasked with creating a mode of transport for Beegu or Max (from our focus books within our English writing) to travel home in. After designing this in their art books, they set off to complete their mission. They were each given a lump of clay and some tools to work with and we think they did fantastically. The children enjoyed experimenting with the different techniques and also found the texture of the clay quite strange on their hands. You really do either love or hate it! They should all be proud of themselves. Well done Year 2!

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Marvellous Money

At the moment in Year 2, we are learning about money. The children have really enjoyed exploring money to identify the coins, make different amounts, find the difference between two amounts and to find change when paying for something. Class 5 and 6 have risen to the challenge of experimenting with money and have worked hard to explore this new life skill.

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Geography Investigators!

This term in Year 2, we are investigating the country of China. This week the children were tasked with putting their detective hats on and researching facts about China to create a poster displaying their knowledge. They have welcomed this challenge, thinking about their presentation and the results reflect their hard work. We have included just a small sample of the learning the children have produced. Well done Year 2!

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Fantastic Learning

Year 2 have been superstars over the past two weeks. We are so proud of them and the learning they have produced at home.

We have been planning and writing our own stories based on the book ‘Where the Wild Things are’, which we have been focusing on within our English sessions. The children have been writing sentences to help practise their spellings and researching synonyms to help improve their descriptive writing. In maths, we have been consolidating our use of the column method and have begun to explore our new topic of money. The children have been really excited for our new Geography learning where we are investigating China and have created beautiful artwork alongside our RE learning, focusing on Christianity and the importance of candles and light.

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Hello Year 2


The children have come back to school brilliantly and have settled well into Year 2. We have been focusing on displaying a positive attitude through having a Growth Mindset. We thought we would share our fantastic displays with you that help remind us of this each and every day. Our character of ‘Enna’ is from a book Year 2 read at the beginning of the year and we are always looking for ways to ‘be like Enna’, together with asking ourselves each day ‘What would Enna do?’, especially when we are challenging ourselves within our learning.

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